What you need for your business to grow is a highly skilled photo editor. Photo retouching and vector conversion can help to boost a business. With the aid of the right software, raster images can be converted easily to vector images. Raster images are images in jpeg, png formats. These images can be converted easily in no time, but it will take the experience of clipping to exert.

The most significant problem raster images face the resolution. When the picture zoomed, these images will start having pixels or when you convert them into a better decision. It is why most professionals prefer to use vector images. Businesses and individuals all prefer vector images. Vector images are preferred because they can retain their resolution even after zooming. Vector images are useful for any media. It is the primary reason why they referred to as print-ready images. If you are a business and you will be doing a lot of printing, you will need this vector conversion service. R2V is an acronym for Raster to Vector conversion. It is a trendy term among image edit experts. You can convert JPEG or PNG images to vector form.


Our team is highly experienced, and every person is very skilled in adobe photoshop. Vector conversion is one of the best services we offer. We also offer it in bulk, and it is affordable for any individual or business. 

Raster images and vector images are the two major types of images. Converting raster images to vector will make it have a higher quality. These images can be printed neatly without any pixel. JPG, GIF, PNG are examples of raster images to vector images. A Photoshop expert can do this quickly and easily.

In various fields, Vector images are using by professionals. These graphics can be achieved using Photoshop software, and they are used in engineering, graphic design, flyers and 3D animation also.

Using a vector to create an image is almost equivalent to drawing out that image or using different shapes to form the image. All the photographs you take are raster images. They can also be converted to vector when you are a clipping expert. Our team is filled with highly experienced people who can get any Photoshop editing work done in very little time and at an affordable price.

Raster images usually contain pixels when zoomed or converted to a higher resolution. Check any raster image you can find on your smartphone and try to zoom in, you will discover tiny squares in those images. These are what we refer to as pixels.

Vector images are mostly made up of lines and shapes. They are of exceptionally high quality, and they don’t contain pixels. You can also adjust the number of pixels in a raster image. It will help to reduce the blur in the picture when you enlarge it.

Vector images can be printed, at excellent quality without affecting the resolution. They won’t contain any blur or squares, and they are off already made high resolution. It is the best format to print out an image. If you are using it for flyers or advert campaign, the service of clippingxpert should be the one for you as we offer to convert any raster image for you in bulk or units and at an affordable price. It is one of the photo editing services we offer. You can contact us if you need any raster image converted to a vector image.

Another advantage if having a vector format is that it makes colour editing simple. Instead of having multi colours on your image, you might need to convert it to fewer colours which are essential for some businesses. Some companies often require limited colours.

There are many categories of vector images.

The Photo-realistic vector

We can help to convert a photo into a vector using vector tools. It will then add to the quality of that photograph. It is vital for people who will be printing out pictures in papers, flyers etc. Before printing on a bigger print, the image has to vectored.

Vector illustration

This one is hand made and is highly essential for many kinds of images. It is a hand drawn image that matches the raster image. Our specialists can also do this for you.

Vector line art

This is a unique kind of vector design. It is fully vectored art without any colour blend.

Vectors mostly used for logo designs, illustrations, engineering drawing, auto cad and many others. Anything that might need to be printed or zoomed needs to converted to vector format. This can quickly and correctly be achieved by us.
We have a good reputation in image editing, and we have worked with some of the biggest companies. We convert JPEG, PNG and GIF to vector for better resolution. 
E-commerce platforms use it; fashion industries use it, technology industries also use it. There is almost no firm that doesn’t require the service of an image editing expert to convert individual images to vector. Bitmap, Photos are also raster images. They won’t ever give you the best quality.

You can take specific raster images and zoom in, then compare it to vector images and see there is a big difference. If you are looking to create your logo in high vector format, then our service is what you need. We will get it done at the agreed time.

We are well trained and have the best team in the business. We can perform all these for you and get an excellent result with a high-quality image. All you have to do is get your image ready, contact us, and we will get it done. We do bulk conversions too, and our services are second to none. If you are still in doubt, try us today. Vector makes a logo better and bolder — That’s why it is the recommended format for any image printing you want to perform.