Photoshop shadow effect for e-Commerce images

The importance of using Photoshop shadow effect for e-Commerce Images

A perfect image can increase your sale. It is essential to produce the right type of paint to boost up your sales. An ideal image is necessary for the e-commerce business. Many smart people promote their transactions by using the perfect picture.

A perfect image can promote your sale, as well. The image of the product should have an ideal shadow to enhance its gravity. The product shadow is very much crucial for the e-commerce business. To do the perfect shadow, you will need knowledge of Photoshop and computer technology as well.

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Why we use shadow in the product image? 

There is a vital and essential role of shadow in product photography. If you want to increase your sales, then you should know how to add shadows in Photoshop. An image without any shadow seems like floating in space. So, it is essential to add a shadow to attract customers.  

1. Consistency of shadow can help to build a brand: If you want to increase your brand appeal, then it is very much essential to use shadow in your product image. You can use the natural shadow to make your product so much appealing. On the other hand, a simple drop of shadow can make a product more natural-looking.  

2. Shadows help to drive sales: By adding a shadow, you can sense realism in your product. It can also encourage your overall product sale. Through the high-quality images, you can secure the trust of the customers quickly. It is very much essential to understand the different types of shadowing effects. In product photography, different kinds of shadows are being used.  

Three types of shadows: You will notice that there are three types of shadows in product photography. These are such as follows:    

  • Drop shadow
  • Natural shadow
  • Reflection shadow  

Natural shadows: This type of darkness can naturally cast as placed under the direct light. One of the main achievements in this shadow effect that you can do it quickly. You will have to set up the sun and environment to get the best type of natural shadow. It can capture the shadow from the product itself.  

So, you do not need to do any kinds of post-photography editing to enhance the shadow. The post-production editing will not require in this shadowing effect. It can give you a dimensional look as well.  

Drop shadows: It can give you one kind of illusion effect so, that you can understand that the product is being captured from the above portion by imitating the shadow. This kind of shadow can give customers a more realistic sense. It is excellent for commodities like shoes, chairs and all.     

It is the right type of shadow. You can use it for chairs and shoes for giving the more realistic look as well.  

Reflection shadows: It can give you a dramatic shadowing effect. It will look like appearing in a display rack or something. It is very much useful for jewellery, sunglass, and watches as well. It can also give you a refined look so far. It can flatten the layers as well.  

Now you will have to choose what kind of shadowing effect you want for your product and e-commerce business as well. You may use the natural shadow to provide the natural and real look. Or else, you can use the drop shadow in Photoshop to enrich the gravity and realism of the product.  

There are some rules: 

  • Your shadow must look natural and real.
  • You should use the same types of shadows in all of your products with the same category.    

Hopefully, you have already got it. You can now understand every step of the shadowing effect. From a perfect shadow, you can increase your sales and boost it up. You can hire some professional to complete the process and get the best results out of it. Or else, you can follow the tutorial to do it by yourself. You can design the consistency by the proper shadowing effect. It can ensure the value of the product as well.

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