We provide professional photo retouching services which will perfectly suit your requirements. We are experts, and we have the right amount of experience to provide the best for you.

Our photo retouching service is one of the best in the world. Professional Photographer uses it, real estate agents, magazines, individuals, celebrities and a whole lot of people in different fields of life. There is also Lightroom presets available. We are professionals, and we know exactly how to handle any photo that comes out the way. When we perform a retouch on your photos, you will not believe the result you will get. With the best software for the job and the right team, you can identify any picture. Our image editing services are affordable and professional.

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It is hard to find an affordable and secure image editing service like ours. If you have any photo that needs retouching, contact us let us get it done immediately. Trust me; it is the best service you can get. It is secure, professional and affordable. You can try our team and see. We consist of experts who have the experience needed for a better result. Our photo retouching team works fast and gets the best result. We also have other image editing services we offer apart from online photo retouching, ghost mannequin, and other related Photoshop services. We can remove stray hair in Photoshop easy, fast, and naturally without damaging background or skin texture.

We retouch many photos and you can place your order anytime 24 hours per day and fast turnaround time. The following are examples of the photo retouching services includes we offer:

Jewellery Retouching

If you have an online jewellery store or a social media page and you want to put your jewellery on display, we are here for you. Sometimes, you might take a photo of jewellery, and it won’t be up to the quality worth posting on the internet. Our photo retouching service will mock up the jewellery and create a different kind of quality. All you need to do is get that jeweller’s image in place and send it to us for retouching.

Real estate

Real estate agencies need a professional photo editing service like us to attract more customers. These real estate agencies print flyers, post houses on social media and do every possible legal thing to attract customers. This reason is why they need a photo retouching service to help in attracting their customers. Customers will be very well interested when they photo they are seeing has been retouched. All real estate agents hire photo editing services to help in mocking up pictures of some houses. If y you are a real estate agency, you can contact us today to get your photo retouched.

Retouching portraits

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We also retouch portraits. We retouch your photos and make a bit better. We remove wrinkles, pimples, smoother the skin and whiten your teeth. This portrait retouching is one of our best services white balance. Portrait retouch is an essential service for model or fashionista out there. You might do a birthday photoshoot or a pre-wedding photoshoot. We also do photo retouching for wedding shoots. If the photo was not good enough to your liking, send it to us and let us perform a bit of retouch on it. You may visit our contact page for details on how to contact us. We are one of the best in the world, and our photo retouching service is second to none. Contact us and, send us your portrait. Let us do justice to it.

Wedding photos

The beauty of a wedding is in the memories you keep remembering years after the wedding. Some wedding photographers don’t always live up to expectations and give the couple some below-standard image as wedding photos. This reason is why we are here for you. Wedding photos need retouching, and we have the right team for the job.

Product photos

We also perform photo retouching on products. If you have online businesses where you sell household items or fashion items, you need to retouch the images you take. We also help in growing e-commerce businesses through our product photo retouching service. If you own an e-commerce website or social media page where you sell products, we can help you to mock up the product images to be of high quality and profession all standard. Sometimes, the images you post on your platform might not be good enough to attract buyers. You need to contact us today.

Make-up and beauty photo retouching

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Modelling agencies need photo retouching services to get the best. As a fashionista or model, you also need the application of photo retouching in your pictures. This photo retouching will help in rebranding you as an individual and place you as a high-class model. Photo retouching is very important to make up businesses and modelling agencies. This strategy is what makes them stand out and be considered the best. If you have any of the businesses mentioned above, you can contact us for bulk photo retouching.

Background removal

Background removal is also a form of photo retouching. This service is one of the highest quality photo retouchings. It makes an image reusable and of better quality.

Color correction

Color correction is also an important aspect of photo retouching. Some cameras make image color look dull, and they need correction. If you experience this, contact us and let us correct it. Our team is well experienced to deal with this kind of service. Our photo retouching service is second to none.

Shadow making

There are many other aspects of photo retouching you may not know about; Shadow making is one of them. We can add artificial shadows to images and make the image look natural. Shadows or reflections add solidity to an image. With our shadow tool, we can get you this for any image. You may have a simple, basic or complex image which you want to add a reflection too. Adding this reflection is also a high-quality form of photo retouching. Shadow is adding, background removal and masking works hand-in-hand with each other. You can send us a message and some of the images you want to add a shadow.

Clipping path

Clipping path is another popularly used image retouching technique. Clipping path is used to remove unwanted background and objects from a particular image. Professionals use this to create an entirely different picture from an already existing one. Clipping path is also one of the services we offer here. On our team, we have expert clippers which can perform clipping path jobs like pros. We use the best software in the business, and our Photoshop experts are always ready for any work. This service is also affordable and is of very high quality. Trust us to get you the best result. Clipping path is also used to make a particular image renewable. You can add a new background, objects and many other things to an old image with the aid of clipping path services.

Image manipulation

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This is one of the best photo retouching process. Photo manipulation doesn’t mislead people. It only creates a new dimension to an old photo. It gives an old or an already famous picture a more unique, different look. Some images can be manipulated to look old while some can be manipulated to look newer. Photo manipulation is high quality and takes some time to perfect, but when it mastered; you can achieve great things with it. Our team has experience in photo manipulation.

We have worked with a lot of firms and companies, and our experience is one of the reasons why many people vouch for us in the photo editing business. Our services are also relatively cheap compared to others. We provide the best services with high quality photo at the lowest prices. Photo manipulation is also one of our services, and we can perform this in bulk.


image masking is also like the clipping path service. There isn’t much of a difference, and both functions can be used to change the image background and remove unwanted parts of an image. Masking is also an excellent way to retouch any photo professionally. Contact us if you want to perform image masking for any old or new photo.

At clippingxpert, we work with the best team and create the best result. Our team is highly skilled, and each is disciplined. We work with time to edit your images and return them to you at the appropriate and agreed a time. If you want to reach us, please use our contact page.

Old photo restoration

This is one service we offer separately, but we can’t mention a list of photo retouching services without talking about photo restoration. Sometimes, in our homes, we may come across old photos that have been destroyed by water or nail scratches. These photos have a lot of value to us, and we can’t condemn them. So what is the best thing to do? Get it restored. It may seem impossible, but we can also help you regain those old pictures thereby, making them look brand new.

Color correction

One of the best ways to retouch a photo is by colour correction. We can correct the photo colour with the aid of Photoshop and our elite team. Sometimes, when you take pictures of something like a product, clothe and many other things, the pictures will come out in a dull looking colour. When we perform colour correction on an image, it will reveal all the essential elements the image needs. Colour is the soul of all photos. If the colour is dull, the pictures as well will not be appealing to the eyes. If you run an e-commerce platform, this is very important for your business to strive.

Perform a bit of colour correction on your product. Photo retouching is very important for companies like this and you need to hire the best in the company.

Luckily, you are seeing one today with an affordable Price. Be it a household item, fashion item, technology and soon; when you perform colour correction on these products, they will attract more customers. Contact us through our contact page and see. We retouch images in bulk at an affordable price. We specialise in all the image editing services mentioned above retouching services. To get the best result, Businesses need to go through the best means. If you want to get high-quality images at the end, contact us.

We are highly skilled and specialise in Photoshop image editing and correction. Photo manipulation, colour correction, shadow adding and many more are part of the services we offer. You can order these services only and have them delivered to you the same day depending on the kind of image retouching you want to perform. We also work with photographers who don’t have Photoshop experience. Our experts help them grow their businesses. We accept orders from across the world.

We are always available for fixing or helping to retouch images. All you need to do is to get that image ready, contact us and we will direct you on what you need to do. We are a team of highly skilled personnel and disciplined people who put customer’s interest first. Send us a message today and let us do some justice to your best images.

These image retouching services will help to promote your businesses and will also boost yourself as an individual. We have worked with clients from all over the world, and they have testified to how good our services are. All you have to do is test us this one time and let us keep.

They are driving you with amazing image retouching. No matter where you are in the world, your images can be retouched and sent back to you. It is affordable, fast and secure. You can use it for many purposes. Once you retouch your picture, you can use it over and over again. For e-commerce websites, travel blogs, fashion pages, and many others, you need the service of image eating expert for you. Send us a message now for a free trial!