We are in a new age where we bring an invisible model to the visible eye with the help of a neck joint or a ghost mannequin process. Making a ghost mannequin will be more appealing than a flat photo with no depth. The neck joint method is a great idea; when it comes to how a product should look at a human in real life.


What Is Neck Joint Service?

The Neck joint service is one of the ideal solutions for concealing the mannequin from the dress images. And most times, the neck joint is also called ghost mannequin or the invisible doll mannequin. So if you are an online dress retailer or seller, at that point, you need to have attractive and beautiful filling dress images on your social media and website to get valuable clients.

The main goal is to build consistency at scale while holding fast to the customer’s particular prerequisites. We offer neck joint service at clippingXpert, which viably shows dress with no lump, blemishes, or parts of the model or mannequin. Our experts are dedicated and guarantee that only your item is shown to its full improvement potential to catch and maintain the eye.

Why Neck Joint Service?

If you need to improve the picture quality on your webpage, then you can appreciate the neck joint service. The neck joint is a photograph correcting service that is done frequently in garments, for example, dresses, pullovers, shirts, pants, and so on. To Improves picture quality garments that you can post on your site in other to expand traffic on your website too, which implies more cash for your business.

By this neck joint service, it is conceivable to shoot a few item pictures in a brief timeframe. As the estimation of time isn’t for photographers than graphic planners, that is the reason they utilize these raw pictures to join the front image and the inside picture/neck and removed the doll and studio background,  which gives the item a genuine vision.

In ClippingXpert, we make sure when working on any photo neck joint, we try to maintain the design consistency such as; the sizes, wear& tear, shapes, and hues. We measure the progression of structures and the state of necks and afterward yield the last picture as indicated by the typical measurements that should be. 100% precision on each photo neck joint is guaranteed by our expert editing team.

Who Needs Neck Joint Service

If you are an online clothing dealer or fashion designer, that will love to showcase your products for sale; then you should have a neck joint service to make your item photographs increasingly alluring and eye-catching. Nobody enjoys seeing the dress’s on a doll or a mannequin. That is the reason storekeepers make their dress images perfect by using neck joint service, which will increase their products sell.

For e-commerce photographers and dress photographers, the neck joint service or procedure is exceptionally normal. They both need this neck joint services for making their photographs flawless to use on their site. For this type of photographer, we are the ideal solution and always here to assist you. In clippingXpert, we consistently remember the customers’ interests and prerequisites. All our existing customers are content with us and in our work.

Clothing Industry

If you are in this group, you need our neck joint service to assist you in showcasing what you have for sale.

Photo Editing Agencies

Many photo editing companies use clippingXpert neck joint services on a daily. ClippingXpert has an outstanding reputation when it comes to neck joint or ghost mannequins.


For those working or running an e-commerce site, you have to edit a lot of images every day. With our neck joint service, you will gain more profits in your business.

Professional Photographers

If a photographer wants to use images for commercial purposes, then you need our professional neck joint service.

Photo Editor

Our neck joint service will save you a lot of time to do other work.


Individuals and other professionals can access our neck joint service to boost that image quality.

Why Is Neck Joint Service Important?

Neck joint service help creates an illusion of ‘’The person wearing the clothing’ ‘it expedites a magnificent wanted fantasy on the clothing. It makes a simple undesirable attire look incredibly intriguing. Customers get astonished, and it makes a stunning one. It makes them consider the individual who is wearing it and how he/she disappears. What’s more, their interest will make them get some information about the attire, and that is the point at which you can converse with customers or clients. What’s more, a portion of the clients even request to see the internal piece of the attire, too; the neck joint makes it simpler, where both the inward and external part is shown. Neck joint will increase the traffic for you to see your items more than others.

What’s more, on the e-commerce side, it’s an unquestionable requirement for the retailer to see the item once. This will make it develop more spectators. At the point when your item is seen, eventually, others recognize that also. Increasing the viewer’s rate, be a benefit without a doubt soon.

Neck joint editing service gives you a great deal of significant worth for your cash. This is a great layout thought in case you have to change the appearance of your online business store and dismantle in new customers to your website. Studies show that an especially plot store constructs the chances of customers securing your things. Placing a short period in the arrangement of your site with neck joint and ghost mannequin organizations can give you an important benefit for your theory and empower you to pitch more pieces of clothing to an increasingly large social event of individuals.

What image is eligible for neck joint service

To get neck joint service or ghost mannequin for your item, we need a few pictures of your attire being worn by mannequins or models. Contingent upon the degree of detail you require, this may be as meager as one picture or over twelve. All aspects of the apparel that you might want to appear in the last picture should be secured by one of these pictures.

Top-notch, sufficiently bright images are perfect “the greater, the better.” CPC can work with all picture organizations and sizes, in any case, and we’re glad to advise you all through the whole procedure to guarantee that you comprehend what’s happening.

At the point when customers buy something on the web, they need to have the option to see the whole thing. Explicitly, fabrics holding tight a mannequin give the garments thing frame and shape like being caution by a genuine individual. Notwithstanding, the mannequin darkens within the attire thing. Clients need to have the option to see within neckline, the color and texture surface of within the coat or pullover. Neck Joint Service is the specialty of evacuating the picture of the mannequin on the photo and supplanting these zones with reasonable picture material of the dress thing. Call or send us an email for extra data. Our gifted photograph editors give proficient Neck Joint Services to magazine distributors and style sites which are searching for ghost mannequin pictures. The specialty of expelling the image of a mannequin from the photograph and including the side and back of the texture to the photograph is only one piece of the aesthetic photograph editing services that our craftsmen give to our clients. With numerous long periods of experience trimming, modifying, changing, and improving photograph, our services will far outperform your desires.

Why You Should Hire ClippingXpert

In clippingXpert, we take our work seriously, and each task with a high priority doesn’t matter the number of order size. Our professional team comes together to make sure you get the best of neck joint service using updated software technology. ClippingXpert professionals are dedicated to guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Skilled Expert

Our experts in neck joint service make sure your photos come out with high-quality and stunning.

24/7 service

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Quick Delivery

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ClippingXpert team will always be here to receive your order and work on them with all that we have to produce magnificent results. Our skilled experts have come together to make things easy for you, offering you the best neck joint service; for your products and your business. We are dedicated to taking time to study your work, find the flaws, solve the issue, and delivering on time. Try us now and see how amazing our neck joint service can be.