Ghost Mannequin Services: Photos are necessary to bring more lead, thus generating sales for your products and services. For retailers of fashion products, you need human models wearing and using your products as a form of advertisement.

For several e-commerce stores and catalogs, mannequins are preferred to human models to create a 3D effect of different garment items like; trousers, shirts, jackets, swimsuits, cardigans, lingerie, and sometimes pieces of jewelry.


Ghost Mannequin Services

Product owners prefer using mannequins to human models because live models can be unreliable, expensive, and making a schedule can be difficult. In contrast, a dummy is a one-time investment that is always at your disposal. You don’t need to showcase the mannequin in your photos, and this is where the ghost mannequin comes in.


Ghost Mannequin Effect

A ghost mannequin effect is used on photos of products with a mannequin or human as their models. After the picture of the product has been taken, the final output will require removing the background and the mannequin in the photo and thus give it a ghostly or hollow appearance (that is where the name Ghost Mannequin Effect is gotten from, it is also known as Invincible Mannequin Effect).

This effect can also be created using removable ghost mannequins or transparent mannequins, but further editing is still needed to perfect the product after taking the photo. It is a significant reason many photographers avoid these transparent / ghost mannequins to reduce time and money spent because ghost mannequin photo editing is more cost-effective.

ClippingXpert Professional Ghost Mannequin Service

Some several strategies and techniques are used to make ghost mannequin photos. You cannot just take a picture of someone or your mannequin wearing a shirt and then crop out the head, hands, and limbs. If you do that, it will leave several errors and distorting on the photo. At ClippingXperts, we properly create a ghost mannequin with our professional editing skills. We preserve even the most minute clothing area while completing removing the person or the mannequin wearing it.

ClippingXperts is among the few graphic editing companies that offer ghost mannequin services. There are professional skills that a photo editor needs to specialize in creating a ghost mannequin that looks realistic. Our team of editors has the skills, tools, and techniques. We have worked with hundreds of clients in delivering ghost mannequin services and leave a big smile on the faces of all our clients.

Categories of Professional Ghost Mannequin Service

At ClippingXpert 

Our ghost mannequin services are in these categories

  • Neck jointFull product work
  • 360/3D Packshot
  • Bottom joint
  • Sleeve Joint
  • Custom

These categories help you pick the most suitable work you need and give you a discount on essential ghost mannequin services and fair prices on complicated ones. Every picture is categorized based on how much of the ghost mannequin is showing in the photo and wearing anything extra besides the main clothes. Here is a breakdown of our ghost mannequin category to help you understand better:

Bottom joint

This effect is used on items of long-tail garments. The back part of some things is usually longer than the front section. Ghosting the mannequin from such products, our designers would join the bottom portion to create a realistic and well-detailed product image.

Example of items in this category: Viz Composer Tuxedo

Neck Joint

As an e-commerce retailer who sells shirts, it is unnecessary to capture the whole body of the ghost mannequin. There is no point showing the pants and shoes if you only want to sell a shirt, so only the upper body part of the ghost mannequin will be shown when displaying the product. If you fall in this case, you only need to hire our neck joint ghost mannequin service. This service will show only the neck and arms area of the shirt as worn by the ghost mannequin. Everything below the waist will be cropped out.

When the mannequin is removed from the image, the neck area would be empty. Our editors will connect the back on the neck and pictures of the front parts to make a full shape and a realistic ghost mannequin effect.

Examples of products in this category: Trousers, jackets, shirts, lingerie, vests, etc.

Sleeve Joint

This category is for clients with photos that need to remove the mannequin from the hollow points of the sleeves and make a ghost effect. The item needs this service category to get a 3D shape. When the mannequin has been removed, our editors fill-up the empty hollow parts in the sleeves.

Full Product Work

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It is a ghost mannequin service you should pick to showcase the whole body rather than just the upper or lower body. If you are retailing a complete outfit like a gown or a suit, you will need to have a complete product ghost mannequin effect, covering both the top and bottom of the mannequin. A ghost mannequin will capture the neck, arms, and leg areas.

Examples of products in this category: Suits, gowns, sports kits, security kits, etc.

360/3D Packshot

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This category is for clients who want a Rich Media or 360/3D image for their e-commerce site or animation on Packshot photography. The client sends us photographs of the product at various angles. You should also add the missing parts like the sleeves, bottom, neck, top. If you don’t send photos of the back parts, we can still make the Packshot retouch.


Twenty20 need two images.
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It is a particular category; some projects have special requests from clients like the ghost mannequin should wear jewelry, eyeglass, scarves, or other small objects. It isn’t categorized under full-body product work because this service involves more than just clothes. If you need to add extra accessories to the ghost mannequin, you should pick this category. This service can be used as a subcategory to the categories mentioned above.

Irrespective of if you need to edit the entire mannequin or just the join or the neck point, ClippingXperts’ professional editors can give you a well-edited ghost mannequin that will provide more depth to your products. The more realistic photos appear to customers, the more comfortable they can envision themselves wearing the accessories and clothing. We are here to assist you in selling more products with top-quality images.
As an added package to our mannequin removal service, we also remove dust, dump, spots, and lousy wrinkle. We also optimize the product for final output by resizing, crop, straighten, reshaping, and shadow removal.

When to Use Ghost Mannequin

  • To add life, volume, and texture to the image of your product, especially accessories and apparel
  • To showcase the inner part of the clothing, as well as the inside tags that display brand, size, and label
  • If you want to reduce the cost and challenges of hiring human models
  • When you want to show the back, front, and side (360-degree view) of your product
  • If you’re going to give a 3D shape to your photos
  • If you’re going to create realistic images of your product

When Not to Use Ghost Mannequin

  • If you’re going to show the products using accurate human models
  • If your products with the live model have proven to get more impression and user interaction

Usually, it is excellent to use a combination of live models and ghost mannequins. The live models add the relatability and human factor, while the mannequin gives consistency to your main product images and thumbnails in catalogs or websites.

Why You Should Choose ClippingXpert Ghost Mannequin Service

At ClippingXpert, we understand the importance of presenting clothes and accessories most transparently and appealingly. Models are inconsistent that they might come and go, and mannequins can distract the customers from noticing the natural beauty of the image.

ClippingXpert is among the few photo editing companies with highly trained professionals with good experience in ghost mannequin services. We care about our job, so we take on every project with so much enthusiasm and professionalism. We provide ghost mannequin services to help our clients with achieving their marketing goals. Our team of professional photo editors will consistently deliver the best and most realistic ghost mannequin effect using Photoshop.

Here are some key reasons why you should hire us to handle your ghost mannequin projects:

Expert Post Processing: To correctly make a realistic ghost mannequin effect, the product image usually goes through a series of Photoshop editing. We use the up to date methods, software, and techniques in creating the ghost mannequin effect.

Best Quality Services: ClippingXperts is an award of the requirements of companies who always need excellent photos for their customers/clients. We take on all jobs with complete seriousness, and we are committed to giving the best ghost mannequin service.

Quick Delivery: have a deadline to meet? It is safe to know that we keep to the agreed time. We have editors working on shift, so we have completed all projects at the arranged time.

Customer support: Our customer support service is available to old, new, and even prospective customers to guide them through our archive of services and accommodate any questions, inquiries, and suggestions from them.

Affordable: Besides offering premium services to all customers, our service fee is very cost-effective and affordable. We also provide a discount for large projects.