The Product Image/Photo Editing Service for E-Commerce or The Product Image Retouching Service for E-Commerce is a process of editing an e-commerce photo, which comprises adding new parts or touches to images for improvement or enhancement. Its purpose is to give the picture more attention-grabbing that the clients want to buy the product without having a second thought. To accomplish the result, product photography editors use various tools and consider the value of shape, color, and texture. The appealing photos of all products are the outcome of their work. The product retouching service is essential for photographers who work with advertising photography, fashion photography, food photography, and anything related to purchasing.

E-commerce Product Photo Editing Services

E-commerce Product Photo Editing Services

Online purchasing is rapidly becoming more popular every day. Currently, consumers buy everything using the internet, from clothing to food. There are numerous benefits to online shopping from e-commerce stores. You are not under a time constraint; the diversity of products is remarkable. The prices are affordable, and there are also several discounts. You always have the chance to read the product review and description and select the most preferred one.


A famous saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words,” has proven true.

Most successful product marketing begins with eye-catching photos — a factor that makes e-commerce photo editing services important. Product images, therefore, must draw the interest of your target audience to the product without misleading them with flashy gimmicks. A simple photo that efficiently captures your product’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) can drive more sales than a flashy, extravagant one with busy elements.


As a photographer or an e-commerce retailer, you might be faced with the question, “How do I improve the quality of my photos to impress my clients?” there are two ways to go about this.

You can edit it yourself using Photoshop or any photo editing software are your dispatch. You can spend hours trying to get the proper perspective for each photo. We can use this time utilized for other things like taking more photoshoots as a photographer or attending to your clients who make inquiries about your products as an e-commerce retailer.

This step is usually stressful, time-wasting, and you might not get the best result on your photos.

The best-considered option is hiring the services of an e-commerce product photo editor, and this has proven to be more effective than editing your photos yourself. Product retouching service providers such as ClippingXpert will swiftly complete your projects and give you are the perfect result.


ClippingXpert provides photo editing and modifying services to everyone who uses photos in their businesses. We have a team of professional photo editors, and our editors are available to work round the clock to handle the projects and give a perfect job according to the requirements of our clients. Photo retouching takes time, but not regarding how large your project is. We always deliver on time.

We have expertise with numerous online e-commerce retailers such as – Sports Products, Fashion Apparels & Accessories, Cars, Jewelry, Furniture, Home & Kitchen Appliances, Online Property Stores, Electronics, etc. We are confident in our work as one of the best and most professional e-commerce product photo editing companies available.

You’ve done your part in capturing beautiful photos. Now it’s our responsibility to make them extra appealing.

Our team of professional photo editors conducts accurate image clean-ups using Logic Pro and Adobe Photoshop, which are the best tools available for photo retouching. We give e-commerce product photo editing and enhancing services that address your photo editing needs, such as; transparent or white background, color replacement, logo fixing, image extraction, and dust clean-up.

Photo editing to get a perfect end product is a time-consuming process. Give the image editing to us so that you can spend your time and resources on other activities.

ClippingXpert e-commerce product photo retouching service can help you;

Grow Your Business​ And Improve Your Online Marketing Sales: Product photos boost your selling ratio. Shoppers are more likely to believe in an online store when they can see the products. They need the certainty that they are purchasing quality products, which is what you can give them with high-quality product photos.

ClippingXpert assists you in raising your Return on Investment (ROI) by making sure your product images are of superior quality. Our e-commerce product photo editing services keep you from missing out on possible sales due to low-standard product photos.

Quality Ecommerce Photo Retouching: Conventional methods, such as painting and drawing, serve as the pillars of the art we create. It guarantees that while we remove the background, make color corrections, or edit, the images will still look realistic.

We have invested many resources into the latest tools and technology that intensify the abilities of our digital editors and artists. By working with these better editing tools, we can comfortably accommodate various photo editing requirements and accept unlimited clients around the world.

Sell your products better with more reliable product marketing photos. Let ClippingXpert edit them for you.


Photo Color Correction

Color correction is the act of resolving and fixing any color problems associated with a digital photo. It also takes the image to an inner dimension, playing on tones and moods based on the picked hues. The right color can completely change the story of a copy.

ClippingXpert’s high-quality photo color correction service adds life to an image. It improves the photo quality, from average to good, and from right to outstanding.

Hollow Man / Ghost Mannequin Effect

We use the ghost mannequin effect on photos of products with mannequins or humans as their models. After the picture of the product has been taken, the final output will require removing the background and the mannequin in the photo, giving it a ghostly or hollow appearance. That is where the name Ghost Mannequin Effect is derived. It is also known as the Invincible Mannequin Effect.

This effect can also be created using removable ghost mannequins or transparent mannequins, but further editing is still needed to perfect the outcome after the photo has been taken. This is a significant reason many photographers avoid these transparent / ghost mannequins to reduce time and money spent because ghost mannequin photo editing is more cost-effective.

Photo Shadow Effects

The word shadow can take on several meanings. Most people think shadows are only those dark silhouettes that can be seen on walls or the ground when sunlight or another source of light shines on them from a specific position. However, graphic designers do not see reflecting light as the only source of getting shadows. Sometimes you might need a person or an object in your photo to look more realistic by having a shadow beneath them to give them a unique visual appearance.

The photo shadow effect remains one of the essential photography editing techniques. Some objects look unattractive and unappealing in their normal state without a shadow; the quality of such photographs can be enhanced by adding shadow and making 3D impacts. For such objects, photo shadow services are vital.

Image Background Removal

Image background removal, also known as image masking, is a technique applied in cutting out the background of a photo to remove the unwanted elements in it. This service is essential while publishing photos on e-commerce stores, providing photography services, fashion, and modeling for brands, newspaper and magazine printing, publishing websites, advertising, marketing, etc. Images in these industries need to be edited or manipulated correctly by replacing, removing, or changing the background that does not compliment the image.

Product Photo Cleaning

Not every photo comes out flawlessly, no matter how professional and skilled the photographer who shot it. Perhaps it is impossible getting a perfect picture without using costly shooting gear.

You might not have had the required lighting at the time of the photoshoot, they might be some dents, blemishes, or dirt on the product that was not paid attention to before the shoot, and you don’t have the time or resources to go for a replacement photoshoot.

Even the worst lightning and photograph can be transformed into a masterpiece with the correct photo cleaning. Not minding the circumstances, photo cleaning can assist you in getting the frame you want. If you’re going to modify the lighting, add texture, enhance the natural colors, whiten the teeth, smoothen the skin, remove blemishes from the surface of models in your photoshoot, ClippingXpert product photo cleaning would make your subjects glow very well.

Whether you are a professional photographer trying to impress clients or an e-commerce retailer to convert shoppers into buyers, our product photo cleaning technique is a viable solution for you.

eCommerce Product Image Compositing

ClippingXpert photo editors can combine several images to form one product or advertising photo. By compositing product photos for your e-commerce products, you can design concepts that are tough to achieve on a practical set.