Color Correction Services: Photographs help us capture special occasions and re-live past experiences. However, there are times you may find that your pictures didn’t come out as anticipated. It maybe is due to several external factors, including incorrect handling of the camera and variation in lightning. In this advanced technology era, color is an essential part of design, visual storytelling, and e-commerce marketing. A professionally color-corrected photo not only passes your message effectively but gives you the responses you are expecting from your audience. Photo color correction services if done correctly by an expert, can make your images truly stand out.

Color Correction Services


Photo Color Correction Services

Color correction is the act of resolving and fixing any color problems associated with a digital photo. It also takes the image to an inner dimension, playing on tones and moods based on the picked hues. The right color can completely change the story of a photo.

A high-quality photo color correction service adds life to an image. It improves the photo quality, from average to good, and from right to outstanding.

Why Do We Need Color Correction Services?

It is rare to get an image that is perfect, where the blacks in the photos are truly black, and the whites in the picture are entirely white (i.e., a balanced photo). It is so because there are several different light sources and other objects reflecting off each other, messing up the colors in space.

Color distorting happens due to at least one of these reasons:

  • Camera Settings: Often, automatic settings on cameras saturate the colors on images because it tends to appear attractive; such photos might have some flaws with exposure, white balance, and color distortion, for professional use. For example, a picture of the landscape might perfectly capture the radiating blue color of the sky but miss to show the precise details of the distant trees, or the image will focus and illuminate the distant background. Still, the sky would be too bright because of less focus on it. It is not just a problem associated with amateur photographers; even the experienced ones have the same issues.
  • Source of Light (natural or artificial light): Not considering how well prepared you are, things beyond your control can derail your photo shoot plans. There could be a change in the weather, replacing your excellent outdoor lighting with too dark overcast sky or too bright sunlight. It might force you to change your location and work indoor with an incompatible type of illumination (e.g., You need warm tones from incandescent lights, but you get a calm manner from fluorescent lamps). Going ahead with that photoshoot would give you a different result from the desired, and if you cancel, it would cost you more money, time, and resources to reschedule for a more favorable condition.
  • Objects around the subject: changing colors in photos are sometimes right, but there are no retailing things on your e-commerce store or print catalog. Customers search for accurate information; displaying a product with many shades lighter or darker could harm your credibility as a retailer. When the objects around your photo are the cause of the color distortion, you can’t continue posting your shoot, and delay in shoot schedules costs more resources and time than your clients might be willing to provide.

ClippingXpert Professional Color Correction Services

Add clarity, drama, and depth to all your photos with our professional image correction services. You may choose to adjust the white balance, brightness, filters, saturation, tone, contrast, shadows, and highlights of a photo to get a refreshing and striking finish.

Here are the editing tools we usually use in color correction services:

  • Color Balance
  • Replace Color Tool
  • Curves and Levels
  • Advanced Color Mixing in RAW form
  • Channel Mixer
  • Color Overlay
  • Gradient Map
  • Dodge and Burn
  • Contrast and Gamma Levels 
  • Digital painting of New Color

ClippingXpert Methods of Color Correction

There several tools commonly used in color correction, however as an advanced photo editing and manipulation company, we look at color correction in a more detailed way because fixing pixels is similar to picking a grain of sand. Sand has numerous different particles of light, medium, and dark bits, so that adjusting can affect the rest.

We have the following methods:

  • Levels
  • Curves
  • Hues and Saturation
  • Color Balance 
  • Replace Color

Photo Exposure and Color Correction

Types of Color Correction at ClippingXpert

It is normal to have over-exposure or under-exposure in photography because it is a usual occurrence. The camera must pick up the perfect amount of color, light, and other ambient factors during photo shoots. In case it fails to do so, the ClippingXpert photo exposure technique is the most suitable method to make the image visually appealing.

Culling (If Needed)
$0.05 per photo
You Pay for Each Submitted Photo
We Get Rid of All Broken/Duplicate Files
Following Our Clients' Demands
Star Images Selection (for LR Catalogue)
Culling in Several Steps (If Needed)
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Color Correction
$0.20 per photo
WB (White Balance)
Contrast/Exposure Correction
Straighten Photos
Sharpen Images
Noise Adjustement
Following the Clients' Style
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Fashion Product Color Editing / Color Change

Color editing is essential for digital fashion products as buyers have a different color preference for the same product. Sometimes, the product’s color might not match the required specifications, so that that color transformation would be necessary. ClippingXpert image manipulators are well experienced and equipped to change the color as needed by our clients.

Black and White Photo

When color is added to a black and white photo, it doesn’t only change it, but it also improves its beauty. Color adds life to an image, and it can get the attention of buyers. Vintage black and white photos can be enhanced using color correction techniques, therefore reflecting a striking look.

Model Photography Color Editing

Getting the perfect color mix in model and fashion photography is essential to producing masterpieces. At ClippingXpert, we tweak the image’s color to match the original color of the skin, background, ambiance, and apparel. Photographs with inappropriate colors can make customers lose their interest, but such photos can be improved with a color that matches them.

Shadows and Highlights

We create more depth in photos to make them seem more realistic. ClippingXpert digital illustrators are well skilled at using shadows to law emphasis on differences in size and distances. We also use highlights to make the best effects, providing a dramatic touch to photos.

White Balance Correction

Typically, objects that appear to be white in person are also considered white on photos. On some occasions, the perfect white we see in person tends to appear yellowish or blueish on images. ClippingXpert can fix this type of flaw to preserve color integrity and get accuracy.

Brightness and Contrast

Improve the quality of photos with our tonal range adjustments. To reveal hidden details in photos, we brighten dark areas and calibrate the difference to make color pops and split the background from the foreground, providing you with vibrant images with dimension.

Color Variants

Instead of taking photos of different color versions of one fashion catalog or product image, which can be time-wasting, our color correction service helps you avoid an extended photoshoot.

Temperature Adjustment

Adjusting the temperature of photos would make them look more beholding to the eye and realistic. Pictures shot under the sun’s heat can appear cool on-screen, while those not considered in the same situation might look less cool. The temperature adjustment technique is used at ClippingXpert to create specific moods and manipulate images.

Color Palette Adjustment

Some clients might need us to move from one color palette to another to meet their business standards. Elements in a photo can be isolated, and color corrections applied to each of these separated parts to make a harmonious and beautiful palette.

Why choose ClippingXpert For Color Correction Service

ClippingXpert is here to assist clients and photographers in bringing their artistic concepts to life.

Our team of well-trained photo retouching and editing professionals has an eye for colors to match the tone and for the mood you are going. With your approval, we can change, amplify, or enhance the various shades in your photo until the image matches what our clients want. We also adjust the colors to get the level of contrast or saturation you need.

You can meet up to your deadlines and keep your allocated expenses for photoshoot within your allocated budget using our color correction service. We can create accurate color photos needed by our clients for their catalogs, e-commerce stores, and websites.

The features of your camera and your shortage of images to make up a moving composite image should not limit your level of creativity. ClippingXpert photo color correction service can significantly assist you.

We can quickly locate distortions in images caused by limited camera settings and functionality. We can also correct them in such a professional way that the result will be an excellent image with natural-looking colors.

Fast delivery is assured; we always meet up to our agreement and get your projects delivered at the stipulated time.

We work with many clients, and we are credible. We do not share our client’s information (payment details, pictures, names, and emails) with third-party agencies. Our system is fully encrypted to ensure your details are kept with complete confidentiality.