What comes to your mind when you think about the most popular photo editing service? The name clipping path services is known all around the world. Especially in the e-commerce sector, clipping path services are mainly used to increase the sale of a business. It has become an integral part of business; you have to know everything briefly about clipping path services.

clipping path services

Clipping path is also one of the services we offer to clients. It is another high-quality way to edit photos for business and personal use. At clippingxpert, we are more concerned with the satisfaction of our clients. We aim at only providing you with the best and only the best.

Our team works with Adobe Photoshop and has a lot of experience dealing with many kinds of photos. We only work with the best in the business and use the best tools for the task. Our clipping path services are also second to none. We are very diligent and professional in our dealings.

Our team is highly skilled in any of these kinds of image editing services works. We are cautious with the images and provide high-quality results at the end of the day. You can try us and see. All you need to do is contact us via our contact page and get the image for you. We also do photo editing services like photo manipulation services, neck joint services, background removal services, color correction, raster to vector, eCommerce product photos editing services, etc.

We have worked with many companies in the business, and we can testify that we produce one of the best services in the world. We have worked with many individuals and companies across the globe.

What is a clipping service?

Clipping service creates considerable changes to images. This word is well known in the field of graphic design. It improves the quality of an image. Clipping path services are known as a vector path or shape used to create changes in your pictures. It is an indispensable part of graphic design used for most image editing techniques like image retouching, image manipulation, and image masking. 

This technique brings impressive changes to images. It has become an integral part of different industries. With the clipping path services, you can get any changes to your pictures. You can change the background, turn it into a different color, make an object separate, and make a little more enhancement to your images. 

Most of the photo editing tools are used for clipping path services. Modern image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Photoshop CC is used to perform tasks smoothly. A clipping path can do any photo editing tasks to make a photo more beautiful than the best camera cannot. 

Are you a business entrepreneur? Do you sell physical products and put them on display for people to buy? Well, you will undoubtedly need a hand-drawn clipping path service to make your product more attractive to your customers. We offer a clipping path as one of our photo retouching services.

The clipping path has a similar operation to masking services. The only difference between the clipping path and masking service is that the clipping path is more suitable for images with hard edges. Images like handbags, sticks, containers, etc., are better edited using the clipping path method, while masking is better for images with soft edges.

Images like human hair, animal fur, etc., are better edited using masking, but both perform the same functions – removal or adding a background to images. You can remove unwanted objects and pictures from a particular image. You can also remove an image background and even add a different one.

It is the first work of clipping path. When e-commerce businesses post a product image on display, they use this to get a lot of attention to that product, but certain things must also be put into place. They retouch the image and make it more appealing for the customer to buy. One of the retouching processes they go through is clipping path background removal.

Why is clipping service important?

Think about for a bit of a while that if you do not use clipping path services, what would happen to your product images? It will look dull and lifeless. Even the quiet pictures look enchanting and bright with clipping path services. Clipping path does the magic here. Now you will understand why the clipping path is essential for you. We are going to talk about why the clipping path is necessary.

They help you to remove specific backgrounds from an image with very little stress. At the ends of a professional, this background removal is always perfect. You need an expert to remove the background of a product if you want to compete with other businesses in your niche.

We help businesses grow by retouching their photos for social media or their e-commerce websites. Website image optimization is also one of the many services we offer. It allows an e-commerce website to load faster and keeps the customers visiting.

We perform a clipping path on different kinds of categories, and they are:

Basic Clipping Paths

This is for images, like a small round cover, computer mouse, etc. These shapes are basic and easy to clip out. We can remove the background easily from these shoes. There are the most uncomplicated shapes to clip, and they are relatively cheap. We also take bulk orders and find a job at the appointed time. This kind of shape usually has a straightforward, straight path. The curves are not complicated, and they are easy to navigate through. It only takes a matter of minutes to be done with this kind of image.

Basic Level
US $2.00 per photo
E-commerce photos
Background Replacement (Small Items)
Change Color of Background
Borders Adding
Resize Photos
Files Format Changing
Rotate the Images
Image Compression
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Additional Services
US $ per photo
Shadows Adding +0.5$
Natural Shadows Adding +1$
Reflection Adding +0,5$
Items Colors Changing +2$
Mannequin Removal +1$
Ghost Mannequin +10$
Basic Retouch +2$
Pro Retouch +5$
Extra Retouch+10$
Backdrop Replacement (Simple Items) + 2$
Backdrop Replacement (Complex Items) + 5$
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Simple Clipping Paths

These are a bit more complicated than the basic shapes but still very easy to do. Simple shapes have straight curves and hard edges also, but some of them may have a different shape inside another shape, just like a wristwatch or a handbag. The background of these images has to be removed entirely to achieve the correct result. This includes removing any other background or object that may appear in any space. These usually have more curves and anchor points than the basic shapes, and each of these curves has to be put into consideration, or else you will get a crappy amateur result.

Medium Clipping Paths

Now, these are more complex than the primary and straightforward clipping path. They have more curves, more anchor points, and are usually bigger. It takes more time to clip all unnecessary edges in this one completely. These shapes can be the human body, animals, or household items. They usually have multiple anchor points, which makes it more tasking for the expert to perform. Luckily, we have the best team, and there is nothing they cannot clip. We also work with the best tools for clipping paths and aim at producing the right results.

Complex Clipping Paths

As the name suggests, this is a more complex form of clipping images. Complex shoes make it more difficult to clip, and they have multiple anchor edges than the basic simple or medium shape. They are also found in complex images or logos or photos or like chairs, a group of objects in one image. Experts need to take their time and use all resources to carry out this clipping operation successfully. It may take them several minutes, but it is still one of the most straightforward tasks for any professional clipping expert. As frequently mentioned, we only work with the best and highly trained people.

Multiple Clipping Paths

Way complex than the complex images. This one is used for a large group of objects in one image. You can remove so many things at once when the photos are many, but it will also take time and energy. We take bulk orders on this. Our team works with time and delivers to you when you need it. No matter how complex the image may be, we always offer it at the agreed time. We can work with more than 500 images per day and still leave a lot of time for 500 more. You cannot get this affordable and high-quality service from another clipping specialist. After all this clipping work, you will still get your image in high quality. Quality matters a lot to us, and we don’t do anything to jeopardize our reputation. We work very diligently and don’t owe our clients. We have a spotless record in image editing, and we aim to keep going through that perfect slate. Fashion catalogs and modeling agencies also make use of this category of clipping path.

Super Complex Clipping

These are the images we offer this service on. No matter how complex the idea is, it can be clipped and isolated from the background as long as it has hard edges. We put our best team into it and produce a result you cannot find anywhere else.

You might have a vision of how you want the image to be but don’t know how to bring it to life. Worry not because our clipping path specialists are always available to get the job done.

If you have an Instagram page where you will be putting new products on display frequently, you can send us all the products you will use for a month and let us get them done in bulk at the best prices.

We aim to meet the needs of our clients and get the best out of their vision. All you need to do is get the image ready, contact us, and our best team will get to work. To contact us, you need to visit our contact page and sense us a message or call us. We perform digital editing for all images.

If you run an e-commerce website, you will also need to create better image products to attract more customers to your business. Customers tend to be attracted to a product when they see the product image. Your customers don’t need to see the product physically before buying.

An enhanced image of the product will surely put them on the edge of their seats. Image enhancement has contributed significantly to an e-commerce web site’s success, which has been an essential strategy every business uses to gain more customers.

As an e-commerce website, you also need to optimize your website images using our website image optimization service. Image optimization helps websites to rank higher on search engines and gather more customers. Photoshop clipping path services are used to make a 100% white background.

Making photos attractive:

The clipping path makes product images attractive in many ways. If there are any unwanted flaws and mistakes in your photo, you can remove that with a clipping path. If there are undesirable elements in the background, you remove that with a clipping path. So there is no doubt that clipping services make product photos attractive in every way. 

Boosts sale:

How do businesses flourish? When their product gets a lot of views, more people are interested in their products. And if the product images are attractive and appealing, many people are supposed to go for the product. Even you will find a crowd for a product if the product image is beautiful. Clipping services are essential to boost the sale of our business.

Professional photographer:

The most talented and brilliant photographers cannot ignore clipping services for their photos. If any unwanted elements come to an image, they have to remove that. Even they can change the entire background. Photographers follow the strategy of using a clipping path to make their photos perfect. It is not a new trend. Photographers are using the clipping path most of the time. 

Fashion industry:

Fashion industries depend on this service. This industry is highly competitive. They have to represent their products most attractively. If the model’s photo in the image does not look glamorous, people will not buy them. They have to show the product images accurately. So it is beyond the description of how much importance this service is for the fashion industry.

Image optimization for websites:

Another aspect where clipping service is essential is web image optimization. You already know that a website must optimize its images. A website cannot get high traffic when the photos are not attractive. In this way, a clipping service is essential to optimize the web images properly. 

What is the software used for the clipping service?

You already know detail about clipping path services. But if you do not know about the advanced software used for clipping services, you will not know how to work on it. Let’s have a look at the software that you can use for clipping service. There is so much software that is used for photo editing. Some of these are free, but some are paid. 

Adobe photoshop:

Which is the most popular and updated software for the clipping path? Adobe Photoshop comes with creative techniques for the clipping path. In Adobe Photoshop, it is easy to make a specific part separate from the image background. Professional graphic designers use the Pen tool for working on Adobe Photoshop. It will take only a few seconds to complete the task, and you can take full advantage. It works best when you need to work with quick and easy ways to get proper cutouts. 

Photoshop CC:

Another software that is capable of working like Adobe Photoshop is Photoshop CC. Several features are present in this software, like Adobe Photoshop. The updated version can do any clipping path task. It gives you the power to create whatever change you want to make in your image. All the designs in clipping start with Photoshop CC, whether it is a poster, banner, or website.


It is an excellent photo editing software. It comes with an extensive collection of tools for the clipping path. It allows you to work on any image format like PNG, JPG, PDF. In a nutshell, it is the complete photo editor that you have wanted. It makes it easy for you to apply clipping path techniques where you want. Its range one innovative features have made it more enjoyable to work for complex clipping path techniques. So Pixelmator is the perfect software for working on a clipping path. 

People have different opinions regarding these photo editing software. You can start work with any of them that matches your requirements. But most professional designers find it helpful to work with Photoshop. 

The clipping path is critical in a product display for any business. Even fashion catalogs and modeling agencies need this to help them grow better. Celebrities also make use of clipping path service in album covers and arts. As you can see, the clipping path is an essential part of image editing as it adds value to an image and makes it reusable. Contact us today to get all your clipping path jobs down at an affordable price. You will get 24 hours service, friendly customer support, fastest turnaround time as a reliable graphic design company. Please send us a message for Free Trial.

I hope that we have made all your confusion clear regarding the clipping path and its essential. If you do not have any idea regarding this, it is much clear now. The clipping path service creates terrible changes to your images.

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