Photoshop Liquify filter is one of the handiest photo editing utility tools with a wide range of uses like Body Reshaping Photo Editing Services. Photoshop Liquify can be used to reshape the body of a person, an animal, or an object. It is used in reshaping the body of a fat model to make them look slimmer and can also be used on the body of a slimmer model to make them look fatter. Furthermore, it can be used to reshape and straighten e-commerce product photos, product packet retouching, and automobile photo retouching. It is also used on ghost mannequin work, neck joint work, etc.

Body Reshaping Photo Editing Services

When is Body Reshaping Needed?

Photographers face several problems with body reshaping. We usually get 75% of orders that need the curves in their image enhanced, while the remaining 25% ask to get breast and muscle enlargement.

Body reshaping is needed when the body size/shape of models does not compliment the product or service they are advertising.

Why You Should Use ClippingXpert Body Reshaping Service

ClippingXpert is a world-class photo body reshaping service provider with a team of Photoshop professionals with many years of practical experience. We have been offering body reshaping services to several clients at an affordable price, including e-commerce store owners, photographers, magazines, and newspaper organizations.

Body reshaping in Photoshop is a delicate technique in photo editing, and it also controversial if not done correctly, so it requires using people that have experience with image editing. At ClippingXpert, we give every work our best performance, but we do not push images beyond their limit, as it can offend people.

Many image editing services work in unison with the body reshaping technique. Clients can use image retouching and body reshaping techniques, but for professional work, or if you have a tremendous job, you should use our service.

Our graphic editors provide naturalistic and high-quality photo reshaping of all flawed zones in the body of your products. If you want to make your photo look slimmer or bigger, ClippingXpert will help you reshape your body curves and apply body countering techniques. We will also make the thin waist, skinny face, elongate the legs, remove double chin and cellulite, plastic surgery effect, reducing blemishes and shadows.

There is nothing like downtime with us, and our team of experts is ready to work round the clock to meet up your demand. Our customer service 24/7 and friendly. We have an adequate number of professionals waiting to handle expertly and swiftly deliver projects on time.

These companies always require fast delivery of the product images by replacing, removing, or modifying the existing photo based on their requirements. Most of these companies are usually too preoccupied that they do not have time to edit their images. To maximize their time, they hire image services of image manipulation professionals like us to give them the best quality in a short time and a friendly price.

When it comes to privacy and client confidentiality, we are number one. We keep all dealings, pictures, emails, and payment transactions of our clients private. We do not share your information (emails) with third-party companies.

Our clients are always satisfied with 99.9% positive feedback from our world-class professional services. We also offer an incredible discount on bulk projects.

Some basic photo body editing techniques that work with body reshaping technique:

  • Body slimming/enlarging
  • Clothes photo retouching
  • Finger / Nails Correction
  • Skin Retouching
  • Dodge and Burn
  • Body shape modification with Liquify Tool
  • Cellulite Removal
  • Color correction
  • Breast size increment
  • Remove unwanted flab
  • Add abs
  • Accentuate the waist

When to use ClippingXpert Body Reshaping Service

Now that you have known the uses of the photoshop liquify filter and how it can help in body reshaping, we will like to guide you on occasions to use this filter (where this body reshaping technique can be applied).

Ghost Mannequin and Neck Joint

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Image editing can be done almost on all photos, but the body slimming technique is not for all images. This technique is used in making models look more beautiful irrespective of their body shape (thin or fat). Depending on the type of product you are selling, if your model’s body doesn’t fit into the product, and you use them for commercial purposes, your sales frequency might face difficulties. You can use the body reshaping technique to make your slim models fat and also make your overweight models look very fit and attractive. Your business needs to use beautiful models related to your products, but in cases where your models have more flesh than required or too slim, they may look odd and won’t be commercially suitable for the product. In such a situation, ClippingXpert can quickly solve this problem by reshaping the body. 

For example, a slim model would need to look fat for products that are for obese people, while fat models need to look significantly thinner in their before and after photos when modeling for a slimming tea company.

Ghost Mannequin and Neck Joint

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When taking images of clothing, the photographers usually use a mannequin or human models to create a hollow effect on the product. To man or woman such photos more suitable for use in the e-commerce platform, the models or mannequins must be removed while maintaining the light effect via photoshop. Typically, the photographer takes images of the front part and the back part of the clothing item. The photo editor combines these parts after removing the mannequin from the photo using Photoshop body reshaping tools. Body reshaping is then used to extend or shorten the neck part and other parts of the image that needs to be joined, straightened, and curved.

Model Eye, Face Retouching

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Getting a perfect model and photoshoot is almost impossible due to several factors that would affect the result. The body retouching technique can be used for resizing the model’s eyes. The pixels can be pushed forward or backward to readjust the size of the model’s eyes. Eyes can also be curved and straightened using this method. The eyebrows, neck, nose, and lips of the model can also retouch to enhance the beauty model.
The most straightforward method for model eye/face reshaping is to freeze the area that needs editing (applying the Photoshop pen tool), then create a path and make a selection (lasso tool, polygon tool also be used here).

Product Reshaping and Straightening

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Several reasons could make your product images not look well aligned or have rough edges. It could deter the beauty of the products because such models cannot attract the attention of potential clients. It is essential to take photos of your e-commerce products suitable and appealing to all customers at every e-commerce platform. You can reshape or straighten your product packaging and product photos using the ClippingXpert body reshaping service. To rectify the deformed product image, we will liquefy these flawed areas requiring amending and changing the shape. We can also extend or reduce any shorter pixel area.

Creative Image Manipulation

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Image manipulation is done to design new things like banners, logos, and other marketing elements. Original images can be of several shapes, joints, curves, strokes, etc. When creating a new photo on Photoshop, several Photoshop techniques such as body reshaping are applied. Body reshaping tool is potent and effective for image manipulation, and it can be used to shorten or extend any area in the photo. It gives the flexibility all graphic designers need to create trendy objects and also think about new concepts.

Types of Body Reshaping Services at ClippingXpert

Virtual Weight Loss and Person Removal

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With virtual weight loss, we remove excess fat and muscles from the digital copy of an image. In this type of retouching, unwanted people and objects in a photo can also be removed.

Wedding Body Retouching & Reshaping

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Everybody (bride, groom, & guests) wants to look the best in wedding photos, most notably the wedding bride. A full body reshaping/retouching service, including smoothing the wedding dress, is done.

Breast Reshaping and Retouching

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A very subtle breast reshaping can be done for all our clients. Depending on what you want your breast to look like, we can increase or reduce the shape of your chest. We can also remove the wrinkles and stretch marks on the breast.

Glamour body reshaping and retouching

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Glamour photo retouching is a kind of photo enhancement technique used particularly for commercial purposes. It deals with models for professional brands or magazine cover retouching.

Also known as a digital makeover, glamour retouching is used when the natural look is not enough. ClippingXpert uses Glamour retouching to give a more stunning appearance to images with a total digital makeover. 

In glamour retouching, every detail is of great importance as it is there to make every part of the photo better and worth everyone’s attention.

In this editing category, photo editors are given the critical task of making every photoshoot eye-catching and incredibly alluring. Services in this category include Model and celebrity reshaping, Pageant reshaping, Weight Reduction, Body Slimming, Glitz Photo retouching, and lots more.